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                                       Jim Steed's  Comedian Illusion Show  

To all who attended my two shows at Nino's Bakery in Punta Gorda - Thanks for coming.

 It was a sellout perfomance. I will be heading to  the mountains of North Carolna in May and will be returning to Southwest Florida in December.  I will be performing at Nino's Bakery each month from December to April of the 2019 - 20 season.

Most of my performances are private events, however Nino's Bakery show is open to the public. I do offer two distinctly different performances.

My original show  is  " Jim Steed's Comedy Illusin Show ." 

My new additon added during the 2019 season is  " Mysteries of the Mind. "

Both are extremely funny and creatively unique. 

There is one thing I can promise you  -  You will have a Great Time  -  !00% Guaranteed .

To Book a peformance for your special event  -  call  or  text   941-875-5946


The audience  volunteers are the “ Stars of the Show .”


The audience really got into this show. 


Another Great Show.

How can I be of service ?

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My Goal as a performer is to make sure my audience is laughing and having a good time.

Jim Steed’s Comedy Illusion Show